Certified H.O.P.E. Grief Coach Directory

The following coaches are certified as H.O.P.E. Grief Coaches but are otherwise are not affiliated with our organization. Search the directory to find a coach that is right for you. Each coach runs their business independently. Please contact them directly with questions about the services they offer.

Angela has studied several modalities of energy healing and uses what she has learned to hold space for others in grief. She has developed a supportive community through hosting the Awaken Your Soul’s Journey online series on grief. She is passionate about helping those that are grieving find hope to live a life of joy and excitement despite their loss. She holds online group support sessions, online presentations and opportunities with special guests as well as one on one sessions designed to meet you where you are and help guide you through your own unique grief journey in order to find happiness again.

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In 2017, Carol Davis and her family were served a devastating blow when their eldest son, sister, and brother-in-law, passed away within months of each other. It was during this season, they knew their lives would never be the same again. As Carol traveled this most difficult road, she discovered that helping others aided in her healing process. God continues to place families in her path to support and guide them through their grief journey. It is with that same desire to help others that she has created Davis Legacy Co. LLC. Davis Legacy Co. LLC is a Christian brand committed to developing tools and programs for those who have experienced loss to uncover purpose beyond pain. The mission is to help individuals who have experienced loss learn how to move beyond their current state of grief, stand firm in their faith, repurpose their pain so they can gain a new perspective, and learn how to discover and embrace their next chapter. The goal is to provide building blocks to guide them through the process of healing healthy and to discover life beyond loss. Carol is a native Detroiter. She currently resides in Detroit, Michigan with her husband of 25 years (Jimmie), and daughter (Chloe). She continues to honor and cherish the memory of her eldest son Garrick through her work as a grief coach. She has served as associate pastor, along with her husband, for approximately 14 years at the TDC Vision Center. Over the past 25 years, she has served in the nonprofit sector as an executive assistant professional at two major foundations in Michigan.

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Heather created her own major in the City Arts Program at University of Minnesota with a focus on helping people through trauma and crisis with art. She completed an Art Therapy internship at Harriet Tubman, a domestic violence shelter in Minneapolis and continued to work in Social Services for 20 years. Heather is a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach with specialty certifications in Emotional Regulation, Stress Management, Behavior Change, Somatics and Trauma informed yoga instruction. She weaves all these areas into her delivery of the Hope Model of Healing program with focus on divorce, loss of spouse, loss of parents or siblings and pet loss.

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After losing my husband to divorce and my parents and brother dying all within 3 years, I became well acquainted with grief. It wasn't until I received grief coaching that I truly understood grief and the process of healing. Now I am a certified grief coach with a passion to help others through their grief experiences so they can find joy and purpose in their life after loss. As a leader in church, community, and business, I have a wide-range of experience empowering and inspiring others in personal growth and leadership. As a mother of six grown children and a grandmother, I am a creative problem-solver and have a great love for family. I understand the layers and complexities of healing after divorce. I am focused on helping others heal and rebuild their lives after divorce, one layer at a time.

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In the depth of my grief, when Bryan my 34 year old beloved son, left this world suddenly and unexpectedly, I felt like the fabric of my being unraveled. The pain was so overwhelming, that the prospect of ever rediscovering joy seemed impossible. The journey through grief was uncharted, demanding that I confront the abyss of sorrow head-on. For months, I stumbled through life ensnared in a heavy, suffocating fog-heartbroken, devastated, and haunted by the irrevocable truth that I would never see Bryan again. In the aftermath of Bryan's passing, the pain became immobilizing, urging me to seek professional support (grief coaching, counseling, and therapy). As a result, I am providing Grief Coaching to other mothers, who have lost an adult child.

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I have a gift for finding what is keeping you afraid and in pain. I am passionate about helping you reconnect to your heart, and love your life again. We will begin by identifying your specific patterns of pain at the deepest roots that are keeping you stuck in overwhelm and self-sabotage. Once the imbalances, emotions, and limiting beliefs are uncovered, I help you gently release them so you can finally let go. Then you are given simple, specific tools to help you change your thinking and your habits so that you can create long lasting change.

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With StrommenView Coaching, you will be able to understand and manage your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors so that you can confidently make decisions and lead well at home, work, and play. Most people want to be coached because they feel stuck. In addition to Life Coaching skills, I've taken many courses and studied themes of Happiness: The Science of Well-being, neurobiology of emotions, Biblical-based mindset work, 2 cohorts on Grief, and relationship coaching. I worked many years as an RN in a hospital neuroscience unit. My personal life experience includes: marriage, parenthood, widowhood, brain tumor survivor and other chronic illness, relationship investor, event planner, Bible study leader, and adventure seeker.

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I have had a lot of loss in my life. My mother died when I was only 10 from Leukemia. I have been divorced 2 times. I have had 3 miscarriages, but my biggest loss was when my oldest son died unexpectedly in his sleep on November 27, 2016 just 4 days prior to his 24th birthday. I was drinking alcohol, eating, scrolling on Facebook, shopping and other things to numb out and forget my reality. In 2020 I decided I wanted to figure out how to live again but I had no idea how to do that. I stumbled across Life Coaching and decided to make 2021 be the year I figured out how to enjoy my life. I hired a Life Coach and learned how to feel and process my feelings. I was taught the tools that I needed to learn to live and thrive again. Through the process I decided I want to help other women who have gone through loss to figure out life and learn the tools they need to live and enjoy life. And I discovered Julie CLuff and began following and watching her on social media. When I read her invitation to join her coaching program I was all in! I wanted to be a part of what she was doing. I am a certified Life Coach through the Life Coach School and now a certified coach in the H.O.P.E. model of healing. My passion and my desire is to help as many women as I can to learn how to enjoy their lives again.

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