After loss of her children Julie never thought she'd be okay again. Let alone, find a passion for sharing her story, and helping others through their losses!

But she did. After years of healing, Julie felt called to a life of helping others heal from grief.

But did such a career exist?

What she found was heart wrenching,

  1. There are very few resources to help people through grief.

  2. There even less education about how to help others through grief.

  3. Existing research about grief and loss is outdated and flawed.

  4. Some 'advice' about grief is harmful to healing and hope

Without a clear path, she began paving her own way as an independent grief coach. Using empirical research, observation and countless hours of practical application, to develop her curriculum: The Hope Model of Healing and the 5 Foundations of Growth.

Her 12-Week program teaches:

- how to experience grief (in our body, minds, all aspects of life)

- how to grow through that grief in practical and doable steps

- how to rebuild our lives and identity after loss

Become a Grief Coach

For years, Julie Cluff has worked with people who have experienced unimaginable loss.

The Hope Model of Healing and the 5 Foundations of Growth helps them find hope, peace and genuine happiness - reconnecting to their lives, bodies, futures, and loved ones.

Now, Julie teaches others how to lead others through her step-by-step program.

The best part about grief coaching is:

  • you don't need a fancy degree

  • you can work from home, with the skills and gifts you already have!

  • you can make a deep and lasting impact on people's lives

All you need is a desire to do this important work, and an enthusiasm for learning new things!

Over the last 5+ years as a grief coach, Julie has been able to:

  • Help dozens of individuals come back from and thrive, after tremendous loss

  • Make money as a coach, without having to spend hundreds of thousands on a fancy degree

  • Spend every day impacting other people's lives

If you're still here, you are probably a very special person: uniquely gifted to do this work!

In her FREE training, Julie shares how she went from grieving to grief coach, and how you can, too! (Plus, what it takes to get Certified)

As part of my FREE training, we will review:

1. The history of

Grief Education

in America

2. Why people get

stuck in grief &

how to help

3. Why new

Understanding & Tools

are vitally important today

4. What it takes

to become a

Certified Grief Coach!

Julie Cluff

note: this is a brief note from Julie about why some people stay stuck and others overcome grief.

for the full free training, click the link below

the world is hurting

the truth is,

so many people suffering from devastating loss

And you want may want to help.

But you don't feel prepared to help others face loss?

You don't have the confidence or skills to help others grieve?

You've experienced your own grief, and wonder if that disqualifies you from helping someone else.

And you wonder, can I make a difference?

I would know, I've been there asking those SAME questions. And I can confidently say,

The answer is yes!

You can become involved in this life-changing & life-saving work.

help make the world a happier, healthier place

YOU are the uniquely qualified to do this work if:

  • you have a deep-rooted desire to help others heal

  • you've experienced grief from loss in your life

  • you're willing to learn the skills required to successfully lead others.

All you need to do now is: stop waiting and start learning.

Click the button below to and I'll teach you how I went from grieving to grief coach.

Plus how I make a living supporting dozens of people through healing.

You might be asking...

Am I in the Right Place?

If you are genuinely interested in learning about grief coaching, or are even curious about grief and healing...

...then I say an emphatic YES!

You are in the right place.

People are hurting because they don’t know where to turn.

They don’t understand why what they do know about grief isn’t helping.  

You may not have the answers, but you will.  

You can offer them hope,

and hope is everything when it comes to healing. 

Check out my free training by clicking the link below.

students have said...

"As a coach Julie is intuitive, gentle and kind. She is so knowledgeable and answered our questions with wisdom and grace. I trust her implicitly.

If you are considering taking this training, don't hesitate! So many people need what she offers and she teaches it in a way that feels doable for anyone."

- julie h.

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